As complementary but integral part of OTC mission, and based on our belief of its effective and positive role in servicing Arab organizations through providing qualifications, experts and counselors, we adopted the consultation function as one of its main functions and activities. This, by necessity, entailed forming an essential base of experts and consultants full- or part- timers, and on both Arab and international levels.
These consultants form a distinguished and well- developed base, the task of which is to develop and enhance performance of Arab organizations to deliver their mission.
Moreover, OTC has built a solid and integrated administrative, technical and legal body that includes experts and consultants each in his designated field.
This is done in order to deliver full solutions in the consultative aspect, and implementing such solutions in accordance with the Best Practices. This goal is being realized through the capabilities of the concerned consultants scientifically and professionally. These experts have acquired all of this through long experience and membership in various international scientific and professional institutions. OSOOL offers fully integrated solutions through consultation and advisory service in the following main areas and sub-specializations such as human resources management (organizational charts; job description; human resources procedures manual; career, job, and training path, etc.)

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