After years of its establishment, and continuous and relentless endevour, Osool has added another new establishment to the portfolio of Arab establishments under the name of "OSOOL TRAINING & CONSULTING" with a main goal of elevating training quality raising thus the competition ceiling that is based on quality rather than quantity. It believes in developing human resources as a basic necessity; and an investment rather than an administrative leisure. So, we were determined with OSOOL to take wide steps in changing the knowledge we possess, through our expertise and relations, into tangible scientific solutions building on the concepts of "value added" and "best practices" that is strengthened by our strategic associations with the largest universities and professional institutions on an Arab and international level, in addition to our membership in the highly-reputed universities and professional training institutions Arab and world-wide.
... Trust the task to OSOOL -TRAINING & CONSULTING

Osool for Training & Consulting has implemented a training qual
In cooperation with the Capital Market Authority, OSOOL for tra
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