In 2010 Osool, for training and consultation has entered in partnership agreement with The Internal Control Institute – USA. As per the agreement Osool now is in capacity to deliver a wide range of products and services which are being offered by the ICI. On the top of these products are the two professional certificates Certified Internal Control Professional (CICP) and Certified Internal Control Specialist (CICS), in addition to the consultation and training services in the fields of internal control, risk management, internal audit, and corporate governance. In addition, the agreement entitles Osool the right to utilize the ICI resources in case of any service and product delivery to its customers. Osool is the only representative of ICI in the following territories: Jordan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt.
  • The Certified Internal Control Specialist program is intended to establish standards for initial qualification; then provide direction for the internal control activities through an aggressive education program and specification of an improving standard of professional competence. This certification program helps to:
  • Define the tasks (job dimensions) associated with the internal control activities in order to evaluate mastery of the internal control activities.
  • Demonstrate an individual’s willingness to improve professionally.
  • Acknowledge attainment of an acceptable standard of professional competency.
  • Aid organizations in selecting and promoting qualified individuals.
  • Motivate personnel having internal control responsibilities to maintain their professional competency.
  • Assist individuals in improving and enhancing their organization’s internal control programs.

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